PX 125 2T

On the road, worldwide, for over 30 years.

PX 125 2T
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The PX has kept all the classic strengths that have decreed its success over the last 30 years: the aesthetic of its essential, minimalist lines, its functionality and ease of use, the legendary robustness ensured by its steel body, the reliablity of a simple and indestructible engine, the iconic kickstarter, the (habit-forming) possibility to mount a spare wheel.
At very first sight, the design of the instrument panel is clearly timeless, with everything easy to read. The saddle has been renewed, while the proverbial gifts of practicality and reliability that have always defined the Vespa PX have stayed the same, or rather have been augmented. Perfect for couples, it can take travellers of all sizes and provides a "sit" that's uniquely comfortable and perfect for controlling the vehicle.
The single cylinder 2-stroke 125 cc engine has CDI electronic ignition and an electric starter (though it's kept the kickstarter) and thanks to a new catalytic exhaust designed to reduce pullutant emissions it can comply with the most stringent Euro3 standards.
In the current range, the PX is also the only Vespa to offer the four-speed twist-grip gearchange, a veritable must for the initiated, for no one who chooses a Vespa PX will sacrifice the pleasure of dominating the machine.

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Technical specifications
  • Fuel consumption 40 km/l WMTC CYCLE
  • Top speed 83 km/h
  • Environmental performance Euro 3
  • Tank capacity 8 lt
  • 1. Width 740 mm
  • 2. Wheel to wheel 1.810 mm
  • 3. Saddle height 1.260 mm
  • 4. Length 810 mm

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