The technology and performance of a 150, the sporty attitude of the “Vespino” that conquered the ’60s.

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360 gradi
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Sprint 150 S

The technology and performance of a 150, the sporty line of the Vespa Sprint,

the unmistakable style of a special series.

SPRINT 150 Sport
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360 gradi
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The Vespa Sprint 150 is perfect if you're looking for a scooter to riding round town dynamically and safely without sacrificing comfort and unmistakable Italian style.
In addition to the technology of its 3 valve electronic injection engine, which delivers excellent performance and consumption levels among the lowest in the category, the Vespa Sprint has an ABS system, a huge advantage in ensuring safety for motorcyclists. In the event of sudden braking or a slippery surface, the sensor system installed on the front wheel of the Vespa Sprint 150 is able to prevent wheel locking and loss of control of the vehicle, thus ensuring  stability and efficient braking, always.

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Technical specifications
  • Fuel consumption 110 MPG
  • Top speed 59 MPH
  • Engine 154.8 cc
  • Tank capacity 2.1 Gal
  • Fuel consumption 42 km/l WMTC CYCLE
  • Top speed 98 km/h
  • Engine Euro 3
  • Tank capacity 8 lt
  • 1. Width 28.9 in
  • 4. Length 73 in
  • 2. Wheel to wheel 52.7 in
  • 3. Saddle height 31.1 in
  • 1. Width 735 mm
  • 4. Length 1.860 mm
  • 2. Wheel to wheel 1.340 mm
  • 3. Saddle height 790 mm

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