The return of the “Vespino” legend.


As its name suggests, this is the sportiest and most dynamic “small frame” Vespa in the whole range. 
Today's Sprint builds on the heritage of the sporty Vespas of the ’60s and ’70s while retaining the features that made them so successful with the young of the time, such as the sporty saddle, the red rear shock and the rectangular front headlight.
These traditional strengths have now been joined by the features and technology of a modern scooter, such as LED lights, analog-digital instruments, improved comfort,the added safety of front wheel ABS (for 150cc only), new front suspension, and 12” wheels mounted for the first time on a “small frame” Vespa. 
All this makes the Sprint the ideal Vespa for who anyone who wants to ride around town in style and on something dynamic


Developed to combine the Vespa style with a sporty mood and thrilling riding, the Vespa Sprint offers solutions that will more than match your expectations.
For example? Bigger wheels - 12” with redesigned rims - to guarantee enhanced riding pleasure and total control over the scooter. 
The Sprint offers newstyle developments too: the rectangular headlight cluster draws inspiration from the unforgettable Vespa Special of the ’60s, the saddle has been redesigned for improved comfort and comes passenger grab handles, the entire bodywork and finishings have been restyled and the rearview mirrors have beeen upgraded.


In such a fast moving world, only strong personalities get noticed. The Sprint has inherited the charisma of the Vespa tradition, an icon of style and a symbol of Italian lifestyle, and given a contemporary twist to the distinctive design that made it a global success. This is why the Sprint is the true heir to the legendary Vespa Special and the leader amongst “small body” scooters on today's market.
With its flowing lines, smaller dimensions, and its mix of new solutions and details, the nimble and muscular Sprint makes quick work of city traffic


The Vespa Sprint will give you advanced technology, ensuring dynamic and safe riding in every situation: ESS front suspension, front disc brake and a new rear drum brake, a new analog and digital instrumentation panel, and LED side lights and brakelight. As well as a priority focus on comfort, with a roomier underseat compartment - big enough for a helmet - and more space for driver and passenger. Even further, noise and vibrations have been widely reduced by the modern engines and the rigidity of the steel body.


The sporty Vespa Sprint also comes also as a Sprint S, which intensifies its already fiercely sporting spirit with a racey yet understated color. 
Its seductively simple livery points up the clean and sober lines and adopts  a minimalist rigour with its exclusive Titanium Grey coloring, which thanks to the small body recalls the more spinti models of the ’70s. 
Perfectly in line with the new color is the dedicated graphics, the black saddle, and the large black 12” rims, that make the elegant essence of the Vespa Sprint even more striking.

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