Vespa World Days 2016

Every year Vespa Clubs worldwide and all Vespa fans gather for a major event: the Vespa World Days.


In 2016 the Vespa World Days will take place in France, in Saint-Tropez.

You could not ask for more: sun, sea, nostalgia for the '60s, movie stars … Saint-Tropez is a fabulous place!


Music, parties, friendship and meetings on Vespa will be on the agenda, that will see the enthusiastic participation of Vespa Clubs throughout Europe and fans coming from all over the world. The passion for Vespa knows no limits, with over 18 million Vespas sold in all continents.


In 2014, an extraordinary number of 10 000 Vespas were present in Mantua (Italy)! The Vespa Club of France hopes to have the same success in Saint-Tropez and has put on what seems to be a truly joyful programme. The most beautiful events include live concerts, vintage fashion shows, Vespa exhibitions in the world-renowned Place des Lices, elegance competitions…and to end with a flourish, a great parade!


Vespa World Days 2016: from 2nd to 5th June in Saint-Tropez. Come on down!