Piaggio Vietnam held the Vespa Lovers Night to celebrate the unique-ness of 2018 Vespa Special Edition series which have enabled Piaggio Vietnam achieved the remarkable business success this year.


Throughout its Vespa history, Piaggio Group has been inventing, designing, and redesigning mobility. The Company believes that the simple, everyday act of moving around in a city should be elevated by changing mobility with technology and art, mixing the well-engineered and the aesthetically pleasing together.


The story of Vespa is a tale of continuous technical and stylistic evolution: ever since the very earliest models made their appearance, the world’s most famous two-wheeler has evolved to anticipate social change. From one model to the next, it has always kept faith with the original idea that elegance, cutting-edge technology and riding pleasure will be the cornerstones.


2018 Vespa Special Edition series truly celebrate the uniqueness of Vespa and its riders by characterizing and personalizing the riders with variety of product offerings. Sprint Notte and GTS Notte of classic sophistication, Primavera Yacht Club of “dolce vita” Italian lifestyle, Primavera 50th anniversary of heritage icon, Sprint Carbon of dynamic sporty spirit, and many other unique color choices which are born for people who are looking for something exotic with personality.


“We celebrate Vespa’s uniqueness in a Night. Iconic brand always stands for something unique. It represents a strong point of view on culture, society and values. For Vespa, it is not a scooter - Not only, it is the Soul. This philosophy consistently interprets into all work of developing any Vespa product to the market. We always aim to over-exceed customers’ expectation” Mr. Gianluca Fiume – CEO of Piaggio Vietnam said.


2018 Vespa Special Edition series inspire people to convey their personality and encode Vespa DNA

Sprint Notte (125cc) and GTS Notte (125cc, 150cc, 300c) - the elegant and classic pair stands out for its total black look. The special series is dedicated to those who love attention to detail and meticulous finish of high quality products. Characterized by total premium black, the "power of the night" style pairs the beautiful new opaque black of the chassis with numerous glossy black details including the mirrors, the ornaments of the classic "tie" on the front shield, the handlebar ends, the passenger handle and the extractable foot-pegs of the GTS Super Notte. Refined details include a saddle dedicated to each model and a plate with the logo placed on the rear shield. The rims and muffler guard are also glossy black.

Vespa Primavera 50th worldwide anniversary embraces the idea of believing in icons: stylish, classy, irreverent, and unique. Primavera 50th anniversary are exclusive for people who are distinctive individuals, proud of to be standing out, and believes in icons. This special edition includes the distinctive “tie” featured on the front and the chrome crest on the front mudguard, new five-spoke wheel with 12" rims made of aluminum, LED lighting on both front headlight and the rear light. It also stands out for the new Light Blue and Brown colors with coordinated saddles, the sleek grey finish of the five-spoke wheels and elegant logo on the back.

Primavera Yacht Club (125cc) – Vespa’s elegant Italian style encounters the fascinating world of yachting and sailing which represent “dolce vita” Italian lifestyle. Vespa Primavera Yacht Club stands out for the white color, embellished with numerous blue details. These include, besides the special graphics on the chassis, the rims, varnished an opaque blue with a special diamond finish, the "tie" on the front shield, also opaque blue with chrome ornaments, and the rubber inserts on the floorboard. The unique saddle features never-before-seen motif with white and blue stripes inspired by traditional, authentic sailing décor. The white edge that runs around the perimeter of the saddle and the plate with the Yacht Club logo placed on the rear shield completes the personalisation and highlights the attention given to even minute details.

Sprint Carbon (125cc) – represent the dynamic and sporty spirit, Sprint Carbon is the most recent interpretation of Vespa sport versions. Being heir to a tradition of vitality and youth of Vespa Sprint, Sprint Carbon emphasizes the sporty style evoked by its name. With entire steel body and details in the revolutionary carbon look, characterized by the Rosso Dragon sporty stickers, Vespa Sprint Carbon is born for those who know life is a sport, for the bold ones who dare to write their own manifesto.


Vespa – a reliable companion of people

In the Vespa’s history, there were numerous authentic technical records marked the evolution of the world’s bestselling scooter. To cite only a few examples: In 1997 Piaggio launched Vespa ET2 Injection - the first direct injection two stroke engine in history, and in 2000 launched Vespa ET4 50 - the first European 50cc four stroke engine. In 2005, Piaggio launched Vespa GTS - the first scooter in the world to have a 250cc Euro 3 compatible engine with electronic injection. In 2006, Vespa LX 50 Hybrid Scooter revolutionized the urban transport sector in term of zero-impact two wheelers.

Todays, the new and ultra-modern Piaggio i-Get engine generation equips in all current Vespa ranges in Vietnam which provide the optimized performance, stability, and economic fuel consumption, low operating costs, extremely quiet and efficient.

To achieve highest level of safety, comfort and functional for users, many advanced technological features such as ABS, immobilizer, LED lighting system, USB port for easy charging of smartphones and electronic devices, huge under seat compartment… equipped in the current Vespa models.