Vespa Elettrica at EICMA 2017

Piaggio Group’s new electric mobility technology now appears in the unique and iconic Vespa design. the cleanest technology brimming with style and elegance.

Customised, clean, silent and connected. All Vespa values appear in Vespa Elettrica whose X version has a range of 200 km.

Vespa Elettrica is here and completes an evolutionary process that started just over 70 years ago.

Vespa Elettrica is not an electric scooter, it is Vespa Elettrica, it is a contemporary work of art with a technological heart. It comes to life bringing the Vespa world in tow, its image and its values, its eco-friendly soul, now even more sensitive to the surrounding urban environment.
And with the adoption of Vespa's electric technology it is even more of an icon of our time, a symbol of contemporaneity and the future. 

Vespa Elettrica means easy, but natural, riding. It means total connectivity and silence, customisation and accessibility, values that have always belonged to Vespa and that today find their total realisation.

Absolute attention to the environment, multiple interface functions and connectivity with human beings and the environment, fully digital instrument panel, a modern and technological electric motor, perfect for city environments, combine with the classic Vespa design.

Thus, Vespa Elettrica takes shape as part of a tradition of continuous innovation, as the cutting-edge of Piaggio Group's research into electric mobility, to respond to increasing environmental awareness with the aim of providing technological solutions for an increasingly sustainable and liveable urban habitat. For a total answer to the growing demand for clean mobility, Vespa Elettrica also appears in the X version, which, combining a generator with the electric motor, doubles its range by always recharging of the batteries.
Vespa Elettrica will be wholly produced in Pontedera and will venture forth from there for worldwide distribution in 2018. It can be ordered online from spring 2018.