GTS SUPER, the sporty heroine.

Grit, character and performance.


Vespa expresses it most dynamic spirit with the GTS Super, a vehicle in which the Vespa design is enhanced with sporting features like the grill that claws across the right hand side, the new black finish rims, the special hake friezes grill, the analog and digital instrumentation (back-lit red), the frisky 125 cc engine and the powerful 300 cc, the highest performing engine ever mounted on a Vespa. 
The GTS Super - above all in its SuperSport Special Series - adds to the style, comfort and safety typical of Vespa an intensely sporting attitude, thus building on the heritage of legendary sporting models like the 1955 Vespa GS 150, the 1965 Vespa 180 SS and the 1985 T5 “Pole Position”. 


The ABS brake system and the ASR traction control, a Piaggio Group exclusive, make the Vespa GTS Super ideal for both big city traffic and touring, even long range, to enjoy in total comfort, whether alone or in company.
Locking of the wheel on hitting the brakes or because of a slippery road surface is generally speaking the worst hazard for scooter riders. The adoption of the ABS anti-locking system intervenes to prevent this risk and make make all your journeys fun and completely safe.


There is also a Vespa GTS Super in the SuperSport Specical Series, a concentration of grit, character and performance. 
The GTS SuperSport is in fact the most aggressive Vespa in the whole family. Its sporting background is immediately declared by the Titanium Grey colouring and  aesthetic features like the black saddle, the new cravattina and dedicated graphics. And the bodywork too, the Vespa's metal soul, is streaked with personality: the eye-catching horizontal grill on the right hand side is a clear allusion to the most beautiful Vespas of the past and gives a bold sporty touch to the vehicle's profile.
And for maximum safety, there is ABS/ASR system front and rear disc braking.

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Vespa GTS Super

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