Vespa LXV

Reviving the classic 1960s design cues in its form and function.

LXV - The retro flair in harmony with innovative technology

It was as a tribute to the Vespas of the 1960s: a legendary decade of witnessing the far-reaching social and cultural changes that shaped the world in which we live today; a decade that saw young people assume an important new role in society, with the Vespa symbolising a new personal mobility and, as a consequence, freedom. Deriving from the nobility of its origin, Vespa over the decades has become the most unique and evocative scooter that embodies all values of style and elegance. 

Unique styling and Attention to detail

Shaping the future of scooter market by creating a new concept and new segmentation, Piaggio will continue its leadership in the premium scooter segment. Piaggio has devoted tremendous efforts to bring out the most beautiful & unique object of design into the market. The ones that followers have to admire and get in line with. Vespa LXV 3V i.e. is well designed with the chrome-plated rear rack perfectly in line with the vintage-designed-saddle, classic headlight and dashboard. Attention to every detail, high quality materials and sophisticated designs make Vespa LXV 3V i.e. the most outstanding model on the road.

State of the art technology

The state of the art 3V engine technology makes Vespa LXV 3V i.e. one of the best models in class for fuel consumption, performance and riding pleasure. Vespa LXV 3V i.e. has the advanced features such as 3V engine, ECU generation, free wheel electric starter system, and impressive performance (acceleration time and top speed). The ultimate technological advancement in the new engine enables Vespa to reach the fuel-economical level of the best in class in the automatic segment. It reaches the fuel level of 55 km/l at 50 km/h constant speed. 

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Vespa LXV

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