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Unique styling and state of the art technology

Vespa LXV 3V i.e. is well designed with the chrome-plated rear rack perfectly in line with the vintage-designed-saddle, classic headlight and dashboard. Attention to every detail, high quality material and sophisticated design makes Vespa LXV 3V i.e. the most outstanding model on the road. And on top of all this, the state of the art 3V engine technology makse Vespa LXV 3V i.e. one of the best models in class for fuel consumption, performance and riding pleasure. Vespa LXV 3V i.e. has the advanced features such as 3V engine, ECU generation, free wheel electric starter system, and impressive performance (acceleration time and top speed). The ultimate technological advancement in the new engine enables Vespa to reach the fuel-economical level of the best in class in the automatic segment. It reaches the fuel level of 55 km/l at 50 km/h constant speed.

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Technical specifications

  • Fuel consume 55km/l at 50 km/h constant speed
  • Top speed 91km/h
  • Engine Euro 3 150 cc
  • Fuel tank capacity 7.5 l
  • 1. Width 740 mm
  • 4. Lenght 1.770 mm
  • 2. Pitch 1.280 mm
  • 3. Seat height 785 mm

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