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Red is the charm that grows over time. (VESPA PRIMAVERA)RED represents the evolution of a style, the meeting with modernism that enhances the elegance of the original design.
(VESPA PRIMAVERA)RED tells the story of our best past and renews it in the aesthetics, attention to detail and respect for the environment. (VESPA PRIMAVERA)RED is the new chapter in a great story of beauty, enthusiasm and solidarity. For all the engine sizes, the four-stroke engine is air cooled and features modern electronic injection and 3-valve timing. The characteristic (RED) colour scheme, which elegantly ensconces the entire body, also colours the wheels and the ergonomic seat made of soft nabuk, making (VESPA PRIMAVERA)RED truly unique and immediately recognisable.

From the origins to myth Seventhy years of history since 1946. Discover more

Technical specifications

  • Fuel consume -
  • Fuel tank capacity 7±0.5 l
  • 1. Width 680 mm
  • 4. Lenght 1852 mm
  • 2. Pitch 1.334 mm
  • 3. Seat height 790 mm