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The colour of celebration

The Vespa 75th sports all sorts of details that make it a true classic, such as its metallic yellow, called Giallo 75th, a contemporary interpretation of the colours that were so in vogue during the Forties and seen here on the steel body. A special badge with the series name on the rear of the shield is another celebratory touch that marks this momentous occasion.

A timeless icon

The rear luggage rack in gleaming chrome features a round bag made from soft, velvety nubuck in a nod to the spare wheel covers of years gone by. But it’s far more than that, with its easy fastening system making it a versatile and handy accessory.

TFT Display

Vespa’s revered iconic soul meets its more modern counterpart. It comes with a 4.3” full-colour TFT display with integrated Vespa MIA to offer the best infotainment package with an icon-based navigation function. The GTS 75th also includes an icon-based navigation function.


Tekniska specifikationer

  • Bränslekonsumtion 3,2l/100 km
  • Effekt 17,5 kW - 23,8 HP při 8,250 rpm
  • Utsläpp Euro 5 74 g/km
  • Tankvolym 8,5 l
  • 1. Bredd 755 mm
  • 2. Längd 1950 mm
  • 3. Hjulbas 1375 mm
  • 4. Sadelhöjd 790 mm