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The 125 cc version of the Vespa Primavera is powered by the very latest 3-valve engine, a family of power systems representing the cutting edge in the world of scooters, ahead of its time in terms of excellent performance and minimum consumption levels and emissions.
An elegant colour range and refined combinations with the saddle fabrics make the Vespa Primavera a small jewel of style, the whole enhanced by chromed elements and a focus on detail that only Vespa is capable of. Riding round town will be a real pleasure, for you and everyone who sees you rocket past on your Vespa Primavera.

FROM THE ORIGINS TO MYTH Seventhy years of history since 1946. Discover more
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Tekniska specifikationer

  • Bränsle konsumtion 44,2 km/l
  • Max hastighet 91 km/h
  • Motor 61 g/km
  • Bränsle capacitet 8 lt
  • Bränsle konsumtion 44,2 km/l
  • Max hastighet 91 Km/h
  • Motor 61 g/km
  • Bränsle capacitet 8 lt
  • 1. Bredd 735 mm
  • 2. Hjul till hjul 1860 mm
  • 3. Sadel höjd 1340 mm
  • 4. Längd 780 mm
  • 1. Bredd 735mm
  • 2. Hjul till hjul 1860mm
  • 3. Sadel höjd 1340mm
  • 4. Längd 780mm

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