Vespa Trophy 2019

After the success of previous Vespa Trophy editions, it’s time for the 2019 Vespa Trophy - a project that celebrates Vespa together with the 2019 Vespa World Days event, which takes place in Zánka, Hungary from June 6-9.


The 2019 Vespa Trophy lasts until 8th June. All official UK Vespa dealers will be Piaggio Check Points, where Vespisti and Vespa clubs’ members can stop, take a picture in front of the dealership, post it on our Facebook page, put a stamp in their Travel Book and win the 2019 trophy by collecting the largest number of stamps in their book.


Participation is easy, just visit to register your Vespa Club, then download the Travel Book, plan your route and get on the road with your Vespa and your fellow Vespa riders. Collect stamps and take pictures of your group in front of the checck points and reach the final destination of Zánka where you can win the Vespa Trophy 2019.


The winning Vespa Club will be announced at Vespa World Days. For more information, including rules and regulations, visit the Vespa Trophy Facebook page.


Good luck!