Warranty extension

Season after season, mile after mile, the safety and performance of your scooter always comes first. For this reason, we offer our customers the option of extending the warranty on their scooter beyond the 24 months provided as standard, with specific packages for the third and/or fourth year of ownership.

A little extra care and attention for you and your vehicle, which guarantees coverage in the event of a breakdown as well as providing all the advantages of roadside assistance.

Discover the combination best suited to you, based on the miles you will travel.






  • Total coverage of repair costs for faults due to manufacturing or assembly failures of parts
  • Replacement of damaged parts with original spare parts
  • Labour for disassembly and assembly included
  • Roadside Assistance includes repair and towing 
  • Specialized and Certified Piaggio Service assistance
  • Scooter always efficient
  • Increased value of the vehicle in the event of resale



You can benefit from the Warranty Extension service if your vehicle is at its 3rd (third) or 3rd + 4th (third + fourth) year of life.

The warranty extension period on the vehicle is of 12 or 24 months, with a limitation of 50,000 km for 12 months of extension, and up to 60,000 km for 24 months of extension respectively.

Please note that assistance under warranty is provided by Authorised Service Centres, in countries where authorised Piaggio Group service centres exist.



  • The Warranty Extension can be purchased if you own Piaggio vehicles that have respected and punctually performed the service programme scheduled in the Use and Maintenance Handbook from the date the vehicle was purchased;
  • At the time of activation of the service, the vehicle mileage must not be more than 50,000 Km (for the 12 month extension) or 60,000 Km (for the 24 month extension);
  • It is recommended to keep the documents that certify the execution of all services, both fiscal and certified, issued by the authorized service network;
  • All maintenance work and repairs must be carried out by qualified mechanics with a high level of technical knowledge and specific professional skills which are characterising elements of the Piaggio authorised network;
  • As normal, all maintenance procedures and services indicated in the maintenance schedule are entirely at the expense of the customer; 
  • X-Care is reserved to vehicles over 51 cc.



- Oils, consumables, components subject to wear and tear and deterioration, including brake pads, friction pads, gasket seals, tyres, battery, lights, seat, tubes and other elements in rubber, test kits, transmission cables, etc. This list should be considered as illustrative and not exhaustive;

- Damage due to force majeure and exposure to weather (hail, sun, rain, ...), as well as non-original accessories and any damage/failure caused by their use;

- Damage caused by:

  • Incorrectly performed repair or maintenance procedures;
  • The use of fuels and oils with characteristics different from those indicated in the Use and Maintenance Manual ;
  • Overheating damage due to insufficient levels of engine lubricants;
  • Accident or collision both on the road and of another nature or origin;
  • Breakages or faults in general;
  • Vehicles used in any type of competition, public demonstration, shows or tests;
  • Improper use, negligence, inexperience, fortuitous event.

Please note that the warranty is invalid in the following cases:

  • If the warranty extension programme is not activated correctly.
  • If the identification numbers of the chassis and/or engine have been altered or deleted.
  • If the maximum mileage limit specified is exceeded: 50,000 km for the 12 month extension or 60,000 km for the 24 month extension.
  • Piaggio Group reserves the right to refuse the Warranty service if any of the aforementioned conditions are not met in full by the customer.