A Delicious Tour of Turin Featuring Bicerin, Gianduiotti and Farinata

A weekend to discover the delights of Turin, through an itinerary among great traditions and places dedicated to culinary innovation.

Duration: two days in total

Itinerary: a tour among the city's monuments and restaurants, for a total of about twenty kilometres

Equipment: sunglasses and the top case for gourmet souvenirs

Some say that after hosting the Winter Olympics in 2006, Turin started a process of renewal capable of making it even more beautiful. To the immortal fascination of the Savoy atmosphere a new cultural spirit was added, which has gradually managed to touch everything, including the gastronomic options. Get on your Vespa and indulge in a weekend discovering Turin’s good food, in perfect balance between ancient traditions and contemporary proposals.

To start your tour beautifully, forget your weight loss plan for a bit and go to via Lagrange at Guido Gobino: the ideal place to discover the goodness of his Majesty the Gianduiotto. Relax in this true artisan chocolate parlour, where each praline incarnates the beauty of a precious stone, and maybe order a product tasting accompanied by the classic Piedmontese bicerin, a seductive mix of coffee and chocolate. A unique experience that you will conclude by bringing home a jar of gianduia spread – the best possible souvenir around.

Leave Guido Gobino and just a few steps away is the famous Egyptian Museum of Turin. Because the life of the Vespa rider is not only made of treats, visit this popular facility, the second largest in the world dedicated to the mysteries of ancient Egypt after the Cairo museum. Papyrus, votive vases, mummification techniques, and more and it will be time for lunch. After retrieving your Vespa and head towards Snodo, a fascinating industrial building recovered and turned into a meeting place dedicated to culinary culture. Have lunch at Ristoro, where you will find Piedmont tradition in a modern key, with menus based on tagliatelle, agnolotti, grissini and wild mackerel fillet. Don’t have a coffee just yet.

Your next stop will be, in fact, the very new Nuvola Lavazza, an imposing campus that celebrates the bond between the city of Savoy and the coffee. In addition to discovering that the much loved Italian espresso was invented in Turin, you will have the opportunity to visit the company museum: a journey through a piece of Italian history of the last centuries, through the production, and yes, even the most famous Lavazza coffee advertising campaigns, only to discover the different applications in contemporary cuisine and do some tastings.

Afterwards, ride your Vespa towards the Murazzi del Po. Take a walk and relax among the ancient fishing boat moorings, cross the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele I and visit the Church of Gran Madre di Dio, a charming building attentively studied by esotericism lovers, too. Afterwards, approach your hotel, the Turin Palace near the Porta Nuova railway station. The prestigious four-star hotel has a wonderful rooftop terrace overlooking the entire skyline of the city, where you can enjoy an aperitif before getting ready for the evening.

For dinner, a table at La Gallina Scannata will await you. The curious name for the restaurant comes from the collaboration of the owners of the nearby Scannabue restaurant and the owner of the Gallina fishmonger – both important places on the local scene. A wonderful mix of traditions based on seafood, nestled in largo Saluzzo, in the San Salvario district, one of the hearts of the city’s nightlife. Enjoy a delicious stuffed squid and conclude your first day with a walk through the area.

The next morning, have a relaxing breakfast at the hotel before getting on your Vespa and then head towards the Mole Antonelliana, undoubtedly the best known architectural symbol of the city of Turin. Designed by architect Alessandro Antonelli in 1863 and completed in 1889, this structure was originally designed as a synagogue; Today, it houses the Museo Nazionale del Cinema and a glass elevator which climbs up 167 metres, approximately to half its height. Book a ticket for the complete tour and after discovering the icons of the Italian big screen, enjoy the surrounding landscape, including the Alps.

For lunch, go into a fun version of American fast food chains. The M ** Bun, to be read as Mac Bun: a name that obviously recalls McDonald's, but which in local dialect translates as "just good". It is a strange slow-fast food reality, where burgers are only prepared with meat from Piedmont and where instead of the classic Coca Cola, you can find the Turin MoleCola, a homage to the building recently visited.

Once you’ve finished your burger, head towards Piazza Castello. Here, in addition to Palazzo Madama, the old castle which gives its name to the square, there are three monuments: one dedicated to the Bishop of the Sardinian army, one to the Knights of Italy and another to Emanuele Filiberto Duke of Aosta. Continue on to another town square, Piazza San Carlo, where the eponymous café stands: a luxurious, nineteenth-century place that still preserves all its charm. Sit down at one of its tables and enjoy a bicerin, feeling a bit Savoy if you will.  Retrieve your Vespa and go to Il Padellino pizzeria, where in addition to pan pizza, you could also try another great local specialty: the chickpea farinata. The perfect way to end your weekend with a smile and a full belly.