A Stylish Day-off from Brooklyn to Manhattan

Set off for a day trip through the trendiest NYC neighborhoods on your Vespa Primavera Limited Speed to discover unique Italian cuisine.

New York City with its popular boroughs, a lively hub of cultures and anything one can imagine, the perfect spot to start a super stylish journey discovering authentic and delicious Italian style cuisine. Wake up to the sights and sounds of bustling Williamsburg, Brooklyn, get inspired by the stunning view of Manhattan across the river and get on board your stylish Vespa Primavera limited speed, the youngest and most vibrant of all the range, now limited to 30mph. Sustainability, lightness and practicality at its best and easily operated under a regular driver’s license.

Swiftly drive through this hip, buzzing neighbourhood. Roberta’s, at 261 Moore Street is surely worth mentioning. It’s a trendy, popular destination featuring Italian flare and wood-fired pizzas, plus a takeout area. It’s Bucatini Cacio e Pepe are delicious and it also offer an extensive pizza choice with various toppings.

Driving along Flushing Avenue, you will reach Dumbo, the modish neighbourhood located right underneath the Manhattan Bridge, where converted Brooklyn warehouse buildings alternate with independent boutiques, high-end restaurants and cafes. A few spots here attract a hipster clientele and food lovers. Cecconi’s, at 55 Water Street, is a modern day classic Italian restaurant. Try its cicchetti (small bites) like shishito peppers, bottarga, oregano and lemon or whipped ricotta, truffle honey and crostini. If you are in a hurry, stop by Front Street Pizza for a slice on the go.

The Manhattan Bridge, a NYC staple, an invitation to the pulsating city. On board your bohemian-chic Verde Relax faithful companion start the adventure fully enjoying the stunning skyline getting progressively closer. You are in the Big Apple, the place where every (gourmet) dream comes true. Find your way through busy Canal Street until you get to Tribeca.

This very rustic neighborhood made of cobblestone streets and industrial buildings is also the home of the Tribeca Grill, the renowned restaurant founded by iconic actor Robert De Niro.

Traffic is no issue on your practical scooter; through streets and avenues, you will easily get to Chelsea and the Meat Packing District. If you are starting to get peckish, stop at Cappone’s Salumeria, located within the Chelsea Market for a tasty hero sandwich. Among brownstones and tree lined streets, you will then get to the vibrating heart of Downtown Manhattan, Washington Square Park. Find an appropriate place to park your Vespa, place your helmet in the underseat storage compartment and indulge in a fun adventure through street performers and vendors.

A few blocks away, at 51 Grove Street, you will find a little gem, Via Carota, the gastroteca of cherished downtown chefs Jody Williams and Rita Sodi honoring old-world Italian life style and food. The décor is inspired by the 17th-century villa in the hills near Florence which Sodi once called home.

Servers welcome you in crisp white shirts and long linen aprons; you can mingle with people at its communal tables or choose the private room tucked away amongst fine wine bottles. Baskets of crusty bread and bowls of oranges are placed throughout this Mediterranean style space. On a warm day, why not having lunch at the outdoor tables on the tree-lined sidewalk. Whether it's grilled sea bream with wilted escarole or fried rabbit with rosemary and garlic, the restaurant’s motto is simple: to celebrate markets and farms from one season to the next and propose a cuisine that offers a mix of authenticity and spontaneity. Invite a friend for lunch and let the food nurture your soul.

Time for a selfie with the famous apartment building featured in the iconic Friends TV show at 90 Bedford Street in the West Village and then, on your faithful Vespa Primavera limited speed, swerve through the traffic heading north along 5th Avenue: an incredible journey towards Midtown crossing some of the most popular landmarks of the city, among skyscrapers and designer boutiques. At 390 Park Avenue, Casa Lever invites art lovers to taste its authentic cuisine. Among its Andy Warhol’s s iconic silk-screen portraits lined walls and Milanese spirt saturated atmosphere, Italian classics are served paired with curated wines and supreme hospitality. Highly recommended is the chef’s daily risotto and the traditional Milanese cutlet served with wild arugula.

Nimbly driving your Vespa a few blocks away, you will also meet Felidia, the upscale East side spot of celebrity chef and cookbook author, Lidia Bastianich. The New York Times three-star restaurant has been the recipient of the Wine Spectator’s award-winning wine lists for years. Enjoy a glass of red wine from Piedmont and one of the main meat dishes served with shaved black summer truffle.

After such a glamorous, gourmet, fun-filled day, finally ride your stylish Vespa to Little Italy right before the sun sets, with a free mind, sparkling soul and satisfied palate.