2019 Vespa Special Collections Unveiled: Primavera, Sprint, GTS

Beginning as soon as August, a few new Vespa models will make their way stateside.


Six models, to be exact.


Vespa will now offer the following 2019 Special Collection models:


  • Vespa Primavera 50th Anniversary (50cc, 150cc)
  • Vespa Primavera S (150cc)
  • Vespa Primavera Yacht Club (50cc, 150cc)
  • Vespa Sprint Notte (50cc, 150cc)
  • Vespa GTS Yacht Club (GTS 300cc)
  • Vespa GTS Notte (GTS 300cc)


Following are the highlights of each Special Collections model.

The original Vespa Primavera made its debut at the Milan Motorcycle Show before hitting the market in 1968. The Primavera quickly making its mark in scooter history and culture.


From the University of California to the streets of Paris, youngsters became self-aware and claimed that their place in a society was dramatically changing. That year every social structure was smashed, and a revolution began that affected technology, architecture, design, culture and the arts with music providing a powerful soundtrack.


The Vespa Primavera made its first appearance in this tumult of ideas and fervor, becoming the star by making two wheels and an engine available to the changing world: it became the heroine of an unforgettable season.


The Vespa Primavera 50th Anniversary celebrates this recognition by combining the style that made the first Primavera such a success and expressing them with all of Vespa’s latest technology.


The Vespa Primavera 50th Anniversary, fitted with either the  50cc 4T or 150 i-get engines, stands out for its new Light Blue and Brown colors with coordinated seats; the five-spoke wheels in a sleek-gray finish; and of course the elegant logo on the back.


A Bike Finder and the seat remote control are standard on 150cc models.

Vespa Primavera benefits from further operations that renew its line, distinguishing it from previous versions.


2019 Vespa Primavera 50th Anniversary Highlights:


  • Dedicated saddles based on body color
  • Dedicated body colors: New light blue (pastel) and brown (matte)
  • New dashboard graphics
  • Dedicated logo 50° on rear-shield box
  • New Rear light design
  • New front tie
  • New chromed crest on mudguard
  • Rims painted in medium grey machined
  • New 12” rims

The new version of the most beloved Vespa adds boldness and sportiness to the classic Primavera.


On top of all the new features that already enrich the range, the Vespa Primavera S incorporates a fully digital instrument panel with a 4.3" full color TFT display.


This is a true revolution for the Italian scooter brand; for the first time in its history a Vespa boasts a completely digital color dashboard.


The instrument panel, as well as displaying all the classic information, such as speed, total and partial mileage, ambient temperature, and fuel level, works as a display for the latest release of the VMP (Vespa Multimedia Platform - which is optional).


The VMP app adds a series of features to the Vespa control panel for processing and managing an incredible amount of information sent to the rider about the vehicle status and the route being followed. The system also allows you to use the handlebar buttons to answer calls and to use the smartphone's voice commands to make calls or play music from your own playlist.


There are three brand new colors in the Vespa Primavera S dedicated color range: Rosso Profondo, Beige Sahara, Blu Armonia.


2019 Vespa Primavera S Highlights:


  • New saddles material + seams
  • New Rear light design
  • New TFT dashboard
  • New front tie
  • New chromed crest on mudguard
  • New 12” rims

The elegant Italian style typical of Vespa encounters the fascinating world of yachting and sailing. This pairing of elegance and finesse is the wellspring of the new special series Vespa Primavera Yacht Club and Vespa GTS Yacht Club, developed using the technical specifications of the latest small- and large-frame Vespas, all details paired with an elegant white outfit with numerous blue details.


The Vespa Primavera Yacht Club, available in 50cc and 150cc versions, and the Vespa GTS Yacht Club, available in 300cc version, stand out for their white color, embellished with numerous blue details.


These details include, besides the special graphics on the chassis, the rims, varnished an opaque blue with a special diamond finish, the "tie" on the front shield, also opaque blue with chrome ornaments, and the rubber inserts on the floorboard.


2019 Vespa Yacht Club (Primavera 50cc, Primavera 150cc, GTS 300cc) Highlights:


  • New dashboard graphics
  • White body colors with Blue details
  • Dedicated logo Vespa Yacht Club on rear-shield box
  • Blue matte tie with chromed mirrors
  • Footrest in blue rubber
  • Blue matte rims (machined)

The Vespa Notte special series is dedicated to those who the love attention to detail and meticulous finish of high quality products that are a pleasure to own and show off.


Vespa Notte is the special series available for Vespa Sprint (50cc and 150cc versions) and for Vespa GTS Super (300cc version), and is based on the technical and mechanical foundation of the most recent large- and small-frame Vespa scooters.


The name selected for this series is a fitting introduction to its décor, characterized by total black graphics. The "night-time" style pairs the beautiful new opaque black of the chassis with numerous glossy black details, including the mirrors, the ornaments of the classic "tie" on the front shield, the handlebar ends, the passenger handle and the extractable foot pegs of the GTS Super Notte.


Refined details include a saddle dedicated to each model and a plate with the logo placed on the rear shield. The rims and muffler guard are also glossy black.


2019 Vespa Sprint Notte (50cc, 150cc, GTS 300cc) Highlights:


  • Dedicated saddle
  • Bright black passenger handlebar
  • Dedicated body colors in matte black
  • Black muffler cover
  • Bright black shield frame
  • Rims painted black
  • Dedicated logo Vespa Notte on rear-shield box and dedicated labels
  • New dashboard graphics
  • Matte black Tie with bright black mirrors