Primavera 50th Anniversary Model | Tasteful Styling, Modern Technology

Primavera 50th Anniversary Celebrates a Timeless Scooter Icon


Following the end of World War II, Piaggio launched in 1946 a scooter brand that would become the ultimate urban icon - Vespa.


Vespa scooters had one mission - to easily and economically get people around in a Post-World War II world.


As the brand grew, attracting the attention of Hollywood stars and clubs around the world, Vespa was ready to attract a teenage audience.


The solution arrived in 1968 with the 50cc Vespa Primavera, the model distinguishing name standing for "springtime" in Italian.


The small two-stroke scooter was ideal for simple urban travel, but the scooter began to grow, first in a 125cc edition, then 150 and 200cc versions. Though popular, the Vespa's final year of production arrived in 1982.


Fast forward to 2018, and Vespa once again wants to cater to the younger crowd that seeks Italian style that pops combined with economically functionality.


This prompted the decision to return the Primavera back to production. In modern Vespa tradition, the Primavera is offered in both 50cc 4T and 150cc iget engine models that utilize the latest in Vespa technology.


The highlight model for 2018 is the Vespa Primavera 50th Anniversary, standing out among the Primavera crowd due to its gorgeous Light Blue pastel and Brown matte colors.


Both 50th Anniversary models arrive with special badging and seats, and the five-spoke wheels finished in a sleek-gray finish.


The Italian style of the base Primavera doesn’t need to beg for attention, and the 50th Anniversary takes this sentiment 50-steps further.



Following is a list of updates that distinguish the Vespa Primavera 50th Anniversary model - one that will surely be a collectable:


  • Dedicated body colors: New light blue (pastel) and brown (matte)
  • Dedicated seats based on body color
  • Dedicated logo 50° on rear-shield box
  • New dashboard graphics
  • New rear light design
  • New front tie
  • New chromed crest on mudguard
  • Machined 12” rims painted in medium grey


Featured image: Vespa Portalnd