Vespa Elettrica | Technological Scooter Art

The electric future meets timeless styling

Imagine for a moment you’re on the porch of your local café having an espresso. On the horizon, you see a scooter—fittingly, it’s a Vespa—riding towards you.

As it passes, you expect the hum of its small-bore gasoline-powered engine. But there’s nothing. Not even the slightest exhaust note. Absolute silence.

This is the Vespa Elettrica. The Future.


A Revolutionary New Powerplant

Totally noiseless. Completely emission free. We checked those off the list in the creation of the Vespa Elettrica.

The Elettrica ditches the use of a small-bore engine and replaces it with a high-efficiency electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery capable of a 62-mile (100-kilometer) range. The best part? The Elettrica can be recharged in four hours, meaning it will be ready in time to commute home.

By no means did we miss the performance target on the Elettrica either. This thing produces 4 kW of peak power, meaning it will keep up with gasoline-powered competitors without fuss. Go ahead, try to get away from this thing.


Totally Technological, Still with Timeless Styling

We’ve got all the details covered in the brand-new Elettrica. Our favorite part? The Bluetooth connectivity between your mobile device and the dashboard perched atop the handlebars. Receive calls, play music—you name it, the Elettrica can make it happen.

From the shoes up, Vespa’s timeless styling lives on in the Elettrica, with many cues taken from the Primavera.

A shining silver base comes standard on the new Vespa, but a choice of six different accent colors will help pick the perfect Elettrica for you. Of those, there’s a fitting Electric Blue. Trust us when we say we didn’t miss a detail.