Vespa Notte Exposed | Black On Black

The Vespa goes stealth  

Some riders prefer taking to the street during the black of night. This type moves between the shadows, taking cover from the glare of street lamps and unneeded attention. Ride by the light of the moon, and that’s it. The darker the better.

It’s this type of rider that keeps the night alive. While most are dreaming of tomorrow’s daylight, these scooter riders are shredding the city streets, making them their own.

For these types, we built something special. Something that’s tailored to their liking, meaning it rolls under the radar in a black cloak.

Enter the Vespa Sprint Notte and GTS Notte scooters.


Dark Cues Add to the Mystique of the Notte

Some things are just better dressed in black. Case in point, the Vespa Notte series built on the Sprint and GTS platforms.

Everything on the Notte is painted by the darkness, including the unique black graphics and 12-inch rims. Even the littlest details, we blacked those out too. This means that the mirrors, handlebar ends, passenger handles, muffler guard, and foot pegs are also on the far end of the color spectrum.

Unique to the Notte is seat design and dashboard graphics that keep the dark theme rolling.

Good luck picking this one out in the black of night.


The Notte Series… Available in the Sprint 50cc, 150cc and GTS Super 300cc

We put an emphasis on the Notte’s appearance, but that doesn’t mean that we took away from the Vespa’s classic ride character. That means that the blacked-out Vespa’s foundation is based upon the Sprint 50cc and 150cc, as well as the GTS Super.

That said, the Notte is built to tear up the urban streets. Nothing less.

So, about the Sprint platform? It’s all about keeping things quiet and reliable. Under the radar is a better term. Both the 50cc and 150cc are comfortable, while pumping out enough power to carve through nighttime traffic with ease.

The GTS is more of a beast, making the jump from one shadow to the next happens even quicker. Its single-cylinder, 300cc four-stroke engine jumps off stoplights, but builds power in a way that’s still friendly to ride.

Either the Notte Sprint or GTS, you can’t go wrong.