Vespa Primavera 50th Anniversary Exposed | A True Throwback

Timeless styling. Modern performance. One machine.

The 1960s was an era of revolution. It wasn’t just a time where the Beatles were rock n’ rolling, but a decade of true shifting for technology, culture, arts, and just about everything else in the Western World. Oh, and not to mention that man took his first steps on the moon.

OK, so maybe we’re a little biased, but is all of that really better than the launch of the Vespa Primavera in 1968? Right, that’s what we thought too.

The Primavera was an iconic machine. It appealed to the masses, despite such a revolutionary time and market. This was the jackpot.

After endless reminiscing, we decided to bring back the timeless character of the original Primavera in 50th Anniversary Edition. Did you ever think the ‘60s would come back around?


Timeless 1960s Styling… In 2018

Set your eyes upon the 50th Anniversary Edition for even a second, and you’ll have to fight to get them off. Yeah, we designed it that way for a reason.

We like to keep things simple, which is why the Anniversary Edition comes in just Light Blue and Brown—a true throwback to the classic era. Better yet, these models get dedicated saddles that are aimed at bringing out the color of the body.

The effort to bring back the timeless character doesn’t end there. The 50th Anniversary Edition gets a distinctive “tie” and chrome-finished crest out front.

If all that doesn’t get your attention, an eye-catching grey five-spoke wheel set will.


Iconic Design Cues Meet Modern-Day Performance

The Primavera performs just as any perfect riding companion would, with thanks going to innovative current-day technology.

The heart of the Primavera Anniversary Edition is the same 50cc and 150cc four-stroke, i-get engines you’d find on the base-model Primavera. This means you’ll have plenty of performance to make quick runs on the urban streets and get to your destination safely.

To keep things rolling smoothly, we gave the Primavera a set of 12-inch wheels. Stability was our focus here.

Buying into the bigger-bore 150cc model means you’ll get a unique added feature, too. In this case, it’s our Bike Finder and seat remote control. The more technology, the better.