Vespa Yacht Club Exposed | Sail the Roads of the World

Setting Sail on the Open Road

The peak of elegant travel is captured in a curvy white body enhanced by opaque blue details and a sparkling diamond finish. The open road was meant to be tackled with 2019 Vespa Yacht Club series.


Capturing a unique blend of finesse and charm, this Vespa model will have you exploring in style. These updated models feature new dashboard graphics, blue matte highlights and details, and a dedicated Vespa Yacht Club logo.


With the Vespa Primavera Yacht Club and the Vespa GTS Yacht Club, you can experience power and luxury in a top-of-the-line design.


Developed using the latest small and large frame Vespas, this series captures the traveler’s spirit and a passion for the open road. Teaming with agility and super-tech details or sporting comfort and power, the 2019 Vespa Yacht Club series is the perfect ride for any would-be explorer.



Sailing on The Primavera

The sleek beauty of the Vespa Primavera Yacht Club is available in 50cc and 150cc versions. A stable and tranquil ride, the Primavera handles all road surfaces in total safety. Agile and luxurious, this ride boasts 12-inch wheel rims with a five-spoke design: the largest in Vespa history.


Cruise quietly with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine, perfect for a smooth ride across the countryside or through city streets. Boosted by super-technological enhancements, this chrome kissed ride is a classy way to showcase what the Yacht Club has to offer.



GTS Yacht Club 300

For the ultimate in power and grace, look no further than the the 2019 Vespa GTS. A bold display of urban spirit, this large, tech savvy vehicle handles like a dream.


An accessible vision of travel and comfort, this 300cc version captures a traveler’s passion with an ergonomic seat with non-slip fabric, easy-store compartments, a remote seat opener, Bike Finder device, and USB capability. A blend of wanderlust in creamy white, with oceanic blue accents and sparkling chrome ornaments.



Sail the World in Style

Whether you want to hug the curve of the road in an agile, super-tech Vespa Primavera or explore in the comfort of the large and protective Vespa GTS 300, the Yacht Club series displays a distinct blend of globe-trotting allure while capturing the feel of sailing the open seas.


Experience the elegant finesse the Vespa Yacht Club has to offer and discover your worldly passion and adventurous spirit.