Vespa USA: Sponsor of Amerivespa; Announces Limited Release Scooters

2018 Amerivespa in Richmond, Virginia


The capital of Virginia – Richmond - is home to much American history from various eras.

From hosting Patrick Henry’s famed “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech to being the capital for the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, the Richmond name naturally lends itself to much patriotism.

So when plans were underway to chose a city to host the 26th annual Amerivespa Rally, Richmond was an easy choice. The city brought much patriotic energy to the USA’s national scooter rally that’s hosted by the Vespa Club of America. And once again claiming title sponsor at the five-day event (June 6-10) is Vespa USA.

This year Vespa not only has some of its top company representatives speaking at the event that exceeded 500 registrations, it also air shipped multiple special editions to Richmond, including:

● Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Vespa Primavera , available in 50cc or 150cc

● Vespa Notte special edition (150 and 300 versions)

● Vespa Yacht Club special edition

● Early 2019 Vespa Primavera Sport, which includes a color TFT display


Stay clicked to Vespa USA to see when the 50th Anniversary Primavera, Notte and Yacht Club models will arrive in Vespa USA dealerships.

Many rides Friday were planned in and around Richmond, and the festivities continue Saturday with the main event at Richmond International Raceway, which will host Gymkhana, scooter games, scooter judging and vendor exhibits.

We’ll be posting a wrap up of 2018 Amerivespa next week, which will include loads of event photos, and of course many photos of our new limited- and special-edition scooters.

The 2018 Amerivespa has yet to wrap up, but plans are already underway for the 2019 Amerivespa Rally that will be held in Wisconsin.


About Amerivespa

Amerivespa is the largest annual motor scooter rally in the United States and typically brings over 600­-800 scooter enthusiasts from all over the USA, Europe, Canada, Asia, Mexico, and Australia. With its additional draw as a central tourist destination, Richmond could conceivably bring over 1,000 attendees. VCOA a non­profit organization whose members are dedicated to riding motor scooters, and is a society for people who share the passion of vintage and modern scooters. Approximately 70% of the scooters originally sold in the United States were Vespas. However, many members also own Lambretta, Cushman, Heinkel, Zundapp, and other makes. VCOA supports the use of the scooter as an energy­ efficient vehicle and economical mode of transportation that conserves fuel, reduces traffic congestion, and treads lightly on the overworked road system. While its origins are rooted on the iconic Vespa scooter, the VCOA welcomes all scooter enthusiasts regardless of what they ride.