Vespa GTS 300 new HPE engine








Vespa GTS will go down in history as one of the world's best loved two-wheelers, the successor to the legendary “Vespone”, the name given to those Vespas with a larger, strictly steel body. Vespas with which to move elegantly around town but that are also ready to travel, or even take on adventures thanks to their increasingly generous engines.

Born in 2003 with the arrival of Vespa GT 125 and 200, the family of big Vespas grew in 2005 with the arrival of the GTS 250 version followed by engine sizes of up to 278cc. In 2016, the Vespa GTS family also gained i-get engines, of 125 and 150 cc.


For 2019, the entire Vespa GTS range is further improved, with a series of updates to boost performance, comfort and style.

The new Vespa GTS range, packed with standard equipment, now comprises five versions: Vespa GTS, GTS Touring, GTS Super, GTS SuperSport and the brand-new, technological Vespa GTS SuperTech, with color TFT display that maximises connectivity to the smartphone with the VESPA MIA system.

Two engine sizes are available, the already well-known and appreciated 125 i-get single-cylinder is now joined by the new 300 hpe (High Performance Engine), fruit of the latest Piaggio Group technology, which aims to create engines that are increasingly advanced and efficient in terms of limiting emissions and consumption. Able to deliver more than 23 HP, this is the most powerful engine ever adopted by a Vespa.



Design: tradition and modernity

The style evolution of Vespa GTS continues to be shaped by its heritage, achieving a magical balance of tradition and modernity in the lines of its strictly steel chassis.

The many modifications made to update the design of the new Vespa GTS are further proof of this, the vehicle standing out from previous versions while still retaining certain distinctive traits: the front headlight and rear lights now adopt full LED technology, a solution that contributes to increasing active safety. The front section features a redesigned shield, the centre of which incorporates the unmistakeable horn cover, extended and enhanced with three decorations. Also new is the shape of the handlebar, the chrome crest of the front mudguard, the rear view mirrors and the grilles to the sides of the shield, characterised by a brand-new honeycomb motif.

At the rear, the side panels undergo a restyling, running under the body, while versions driven by a 300 HPE engine stand out for a new engine crankshaft cover and a new silencer cover.



Legendary comfort, further improved

The perfect ergonomics and natural seat position have always contributed to making every Vespa comfortable, pleasant to ride and accessible to all. The new Vespa GTS further highlights that strong touring tradition that big Vespas have always embodied, offering a new seat able to guarantee greater comfort for both rider and passenger. A result achieved thanks to optimised ergonomics and the use of new materials for the padding and upholstery.

The large under-seat compartment makes the most of available space, able to accommodate two Vespa Visor 3.0 demi-jet helmets and more besides. Adding to the load capacity of Vespa GTS is a glove box, inside which there is also a USB port, useful for the recharging of external devices.



The Piaggio 300 hpe engine: the most powerful Vespa of all time

The new Vespa GTS boasts the latest evolution of the 278cc single-cylinder, 4 stroke, 4 valve, liquid-cooled engine with electronic injection: the result of Piaggio Group R&D experience, and known as 300 hpe (High Performance Engine), the unit has benefited from extensive work aimed at increasing performance while at the same time reducing fuel consumption. With respect to the previous version, maximum power comes in at 17.5 kW (23.8 HP) at 8250 rpm, which translates into a 12% increase, while maximum torque, equating to 26 Nm at 5250 rpm, has been boosted by 18%. Improvements that are paired with a significant reduction in consumption, with mileage increasing from 29.4 km/l to 31 km/l in the WMTC cycle.

This is the most high-performance engine ever mounted on a Vespa, a result achieved thanks to meticulous work by Piaggio technicians across a large number of components, with the aim of optimising thermodynamic output and reducing friction. The adoption of a new head and a piston with redesigned architecture results in a highly efficient combustion chamber, which also benefits from valves and ducts of increased diameter inside the head. The single camshaft distribution system with roller tappets gains a camshaft with optimised timing and valve lift speeds. The introduction of a new high pressure multi-jet injector also helps to improve combustion. Lastly, a more generous intake line improves the torque delivered at low revs and ensures an exceptionally smooth ride at any speed. The new iridium ignition spark-plug ensures greater durability.

The transmission has also been dramatically redesigned: the CVT boasts a new belt, new geometry and new materials, all enveloped by a new cover coated with sound-absorbent material, to reduce mechanical noise, also aided by a new, more rigid clutch drum.

The engine is controlled by a latest-generation Magneti Marelli MIUG4 ECU, already compatible with the future Euro 5 standard.



125 i-get engine

All models in the new Vespa GTS range are also available with a 125 i-get electronic injection engine, with four valve distribution and liquid cooling. An engine that tops its category in terms of performance and respect for the environment.

Engines in the i-get family stand out for the adoption of the Piaggio patented Start & Stop system known as RISS (Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System). The system eliminates the traditional starter, replaced by a brushless "direct mount" electrical device, installed directly on the crankshaft. There are many advantages: a quieter start, increased lightness and reliability, and lower fuel consumption. The Piaggio Start & Stop system automatically switches off the engine 3 to 7 seconds after the scooter has stopped (depending on whether the engine has reached its correct operating temperature or not). A minimal rotation of the throttle is enough to instantly re-start the engine, absolutely silently, as there is no traditional starter. If the side stand is deployed or the tilt sensor comes into operation, the control unit cuts off the Start & Stop function, that is, the engine turns off and will not re-start automatically.

The 125 i-get engine is accredited with power of 9 kW at 8250 rpm. A figure that, translated on the road, highlights the brilliance of the engine, specifically designed and created to suit the daily needs of users in urban environments. These riding conditions are marked by frequent starts and stops which require elasticity, lively acceleration and a smooth ride. Qualities ensured by the excellent torque value (11.1 Nm at 6750 rpm), which allows the Vespa GTS to excel when it comes to the standing start and acceleration. All with a guaranteed consumption of 40 km/l in the WMTC cycle.



Technical features aimed at maximum safety

The Vespa GTS chassis, in line with all Vespas from 1946 until now, is strictly steel for unrivalled robustness as well as truly unique levels of safety and dynamism. The result is a particularly brilliant ride both in city traffic as well as on country roads: a blend of thrilling handling and reassuring stability, also thanks to the generously sized tyres on 12 inch wheels. The double-disc braking system ensures prompt deceleration, even in sports use, with a modularity reserve able to put even a beginner's mind at rest.

The Piaggio Group is the first manufacturer to introduce scooter ASR electronic traction control, once available only on the best motorcycles, to prevent wheel spin. The electronic control package is rounded off with the ABS anti-braking system. Both come as standard on Vespa GTS family models.



Always connected with VESPA MIA

The VESPA MIA connectivity system allows you to connect your smartphone to the Vespa GTS on-board electronics system via Bluetooth and enjoy exclusive functions for an even more satisfying and fun riding experience.

VESPA MIA and the new Vespa app are specifically designed to connect iOS or Android mobile devices to the latest Vespa models equipped with an instrument cluster with TFT display: Vespa Elettrica, Vespa Primavera S and Vespa Sprint S, and the brand-new model in the Vespa GTS range, the SuperTech version.

Once the smartphone is connected to Vespa GTS SuperTech - paired to the vehicle via the dedicated Vespa app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play - the TFT display will clearly show all notifications relating to incoming calls and messages in the centre of the screen. The system also allows for call management via the practical joystick on the right-hand control block and the use of vocal commands to make calls or listen to music, by activating a playlist. To fully enjoy all these functions, Vespa GTS SuperTech offers a special dedicated Jet helmet as an accessory, the helmet complete with built-in earphones and Bluetooth intercom.

The display also serves as a navigation system, accompanying the rider along the route, pre-set in the Vespa app, with directions and pictograms.

Available as standard with Vespa GTS SuperTech, the VESPA MIA system is available as an optional for other models in the new Vespa GTS range: as well as Infotainment and navigation functions, which make use of the instrument cluster with TFT display, the app is also an exceptional source of information when it comes to vehicle status, riding parameters and journey stats, which can be viewed on the smartphone. VESPA MIA technology serves to optimise Vespa GTS usage in both town and country, enhancing the travel experience.



Versions and colors

The classic version of the Vespa GTS comes in Dolomite Grey and two new colors, Relax Green and Energy Blue. This base gives way to the adventurous Vespa GTS Touring, a tribute to Vespa's travelling vocation. Millions of Vespas, equipped for tourism, have long travelled the world's roads, giving entire generations the opportunity to get to know each other, expanding their borders and encountering different cultures. Vespa GTS Touring stands out for its evocative top fairing, which improves protectiveness without impacting on elegance, thanks to its reduced dimensions, and its rear luggage rack that, combined with the spacious under-seat compartment, ensures excellent load capacity for unforgettable holidays, whether alone or in two. Available in Vignola Red and new Forest Green, Vespa GTS Touring also boasts refined and elegant seat upholstery and a dedicated plate on the back of the shield.

The GTS Super version embodies typical Vespa GTS values such as style, comfort and safety, as well as boasting a high level of sportiness, the successor to legendary sports models such as the 1955 Vespa GS 150, the 1965 Vespa 180 SS and the 1985 T5 “Pole Position”. Immediately recognisable for its black rims with diamond finish and double upholstered seat with edge, it is available in four colours: Innocence White, Polished Black, Passion Red and the new Summer Yellow.

Vespa GTS SuperSport is the height of Vespa sportiness and boasts a strong character, marked by its full black rims and two bold matte colors, Titanium Grey and Bright Blue, enhanced with new dedicated graphics. As with the Super version, GTS SuperSport also features a seat with double upholstery and edge.

The new Vespa GTS SuperTech represents the top of the Vespa GTS range, the maximum expression of sport and technology. GTS SuperTech is the first large-bodied Vespa to adopt a fully digital instrument cluster thanks to a 4.3" full color TFT display. The instrument cluster, as well as displaying all the classic information such as speed, total and partial mileage, ambient temperature, and fuel level, also serves as the display for the VESPA MIA smartphone connectivity system.

Aesthetically, Vespa GTS SuperTech is characterised by its rims and decorations on the typical horn cover, offered with a special matte black finish. The yellow painted front shock spring serves as an original element that contrasts against the two available colors of Volcano Black and Matter Grey. Even the seat features a “hi-tech” finish, with double upholstery and two-colour stitching with yellow sections.




In line with Vespa tradition, the new GTS boasts a wide range of accessories with which to personalise the vehicle and increase levels of comfort and functionality.

The top box, with room to accommodate one full-face helmet or two jet helmets, is painted to match the chassis and comes complete with a padded backrest to optimise passenger comfort.

The chrome front and rear luggage racks are among the most requested and appreciated accessories, showing off that Vespa personality as well as its long touring history in a strong and distinct manner.

The chrome perimeter guard kit is just one of the chrome accessories and guarantees maximum Vespa protection as well as clear aesthetic personalisation. For an added touch of elegance, a dark brown "Made in Italy" real leather seat is available.

On-board protection is guaranteed by the windscreen, in anti-impact and anti-splinter methacrylate and the high quality top fairing (transparent or smoke), with its compact, sporty lines. The leg cover in thermal material is easy to install and offers year-round riding comfort. The range of accessories also includes an anti-slip waterproof rubber mat, external and internal vehicle covers, a mechanical anti-theft system, an internal top box bag, luggage rack belts and a smartphone bracket.

For the Super and SuperSport versions, and in addition to the perimeter guards and luggage racks in matte black, the following elements are also available: a sports seat combining two technical materials and refined aluminium details for sports-orientated look, a top fairing, mudguard crest, rear view mirrors and handlebar control component kit, including brake levers, hand grips and handlebar ends in forged aluminium.


All Vespa accessories and style compliments are available online. On the website, a point of reference for the world's Vespa fans, Vespa Store shop windows open to create an internet space that provides fans with access to all the Vespa lifestyle collections. In the Vespa Store, a wide range of clothing, gadgets and accessories, conceived and designed according to classic Vespa iconography, allows everyone to experience Vespa style, dress with casual elegance, and surround themselves with carefully made objects reminiscent of timeless shapes.