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The company reserves the right to make technical, stylistic, and appearances changes at any time. Vehicles shown may reflect European spec.

Stunning on paper, incredible on the road

Beneath the classic trappings of a model inspired by the so-called “gentlemen riders” of the Sixties is a host of Vespa advanced technology. The acclaimed 125 i-get single cylinder is joined by a 300 HPE engine with over 23 hp. The gentlemen riders were known not only for their pursuit of performance, but also the class, elegance and aesthetics of their vehicles. If, like them, you love speed and enjoy being the centre of attention, this is the Vespa for you.

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Technical specifications

  • Fuel consumption 32 km/l
  • Power 17.5 kW - 23.8 HP at 8,250 rpm
  • CO2 emissions compliance 74 g/km
  • Tank capacity 8,5 l
  • 1. Width 755 mm
  • 2. Wheel to wheel 1950 mm
  • 4. Length 1375 mm
  • 3. Saddle height 790 mm