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Vespa has been driving whole generations of young people for over 70 years and one of the most important models in this long story is certainly the Vespa Primavera.
Originally launched in 1968, the legend has now returned with a totally new and future looking design. While respecting its tradition, the Vespa Primavera has a strikingly modern and appealing line and can also boast unrivalled handling. Its limited weight and best-in-category ergonomics make it perfect for trouble-free travel about town.
In terms of safety too, the Primavera raises the bar, thanks to its highly rigid steel body, 200 mm disc brake, new front suspension and ABS safety system. 
A full range of modern and efficient engines and a superior level collection of colours and combinations offer optimum choices for everyone’s needs.


THE LEGEND BECOMES 2.0 The Primavera was a quintessentially Italian creation but it was thanks to this product that Vespa grew into a global phenomenon. An icon of style and freedom, it spread round the world, thanks also to the web, and became a unique hero of design for the young.
Now as then, the Vespa Primavera is a legendary, solid and manageable scooter whose detailing and colours are perfectly in line with international fashion trends, and whose technology is sensitive to environmental concerns. A vehicle that’s ideal for the fast and frequent reality of metropolitan mobility.
GREEN TECHNOLOGY In terms of quality and safety, the technology in the Vespa Primavera marks a leap forward compared to current “small body” models: the new front suspension with the shock damper hinged to the base, 11” wheels, new digital instrumentation including a trip computer, LED daylights and tail light (on the 125 and 150cc) and a full range of engines that improve consumption and reduce emissions are all good for our planet too.
VESPA ANNIVERSARY It was in 1946 that the first Vespa, the legendary 98 cc, rolled out of the Pontedera works. For its seventieth anniversary Piaggio Group is paying tribute to the best loved scooter of all time with a special version.
The Primavera is celebrating this important milestone with an exclusive color scheme based on the new Azzurro 70 and Grigio 70 colors. Also new is the personalization of the dark brown saddle with a contrasting beige trim and the Vespa Settantesimo logo.
The livery for all the Vespa Settantesimo is also characterised by a dedicated graphic on the leg shield back plate, while the rims are painted in a special non-standard color. 
The Vespa Settantesimo special series also offers a new boot bag, co-ordinating with the saddle, that can be housed on the rear luggage rack grill coming standard on all the models in this special range.
TOURING SPECIAL SERIES The Touring Special Series gives a nod to the thousands of specially outfitted Vespas that have carried entire generations on tour all over the world.
The finishes are designed to spice up the Vespa's compact and rigid body: the standard chromed luggage racks at both front and rear considerably increase the vehicle's load carrying capacity, while the rounded and transparent fly screen wraps round the Vespa "eye" to raise the level of protection.
The saddle, made of last generation materials, makes the Vespa look even more elegant but what really highlights the classic style of the legend and enhances its compactness is the colour of the plastic side elements encasing the lower part of the vehicle, in tone with the body itself.
The Vespa Touring comes standard with the agile side kickstand, the handiest solution for parking, and is unmistakable with the “Touring” wording on the vehicle’s controscudo.

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